Central Service – Essential Service

We are an ESSENTIAL SERVICE and will remain open to service your needs.

We will be here to service and maintain fleet vehicles for the medical, communications, utility, grocery refrigeration, grocery supply chain, transportation, and other industries.

We will also be here to service personal vehicles, whether for maintenance, symptom correction, or inspection before/during road trips so you can safely travel to safety.

While we maintain regular business hours to service your needs, we are acting to reduce risk in the following ways:

1) Vehicle steering wheels, gear selectors, door handles, and keys are disinfected before and after service.

2) Reception areas, bathrooms, CC machine, register, keyboards, mice, phones, chairs, and more are regularly sanitized multiple times a day.

3) We will maintain an appropriate distance with those we interact.

4) We are thoroughly and frequently washing our hands. We encourage you to do the same

Thank you for trusting Central Service & Repair to take great care of you and your vehicles.